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Great post as usual !

"...relationships bring out who we truly are...", this was a great takeaway for me as its so true but I never realized it until I read it and now it feels self-evident :). So the corollary to this is that if you want to improve your relationships the starting point is to improve yourself as a person , instead we spend a lot of time futilely on changing others.

Also you are correct that due to our movies we are conditioned to believe all the "hard work" happens before the marriage and married life is one easy stretch of happiness....nothing is farther from the truth as we realize later...I think only Mani Ratnam has explored post married life challenges...I feel what popular culture does not teach we as parents should so that our kids have a realistic view of life...but maybe its naïve to imagine we can "teach" these things to kids...

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Life cannot be taught. Everyone has to experience it for themselves. But since most of us don't experience life for what it is, instead experience it with reference to a social template, we must do our bit in making that social template more rooted in reality.

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