What is Shapely Gal?

Shapely Gal is a monthly newsletter that discusses love, relationships, marriage and the various markets these are traded on. This newsletter is a concoction of observations, theories, ideas, real stories, figments of imagination and sometimes just rants on romantic relationships.

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Because….you’re a irrational human being with an rational side. Love is supposed to be abstract and romantic, but guess what? It can be butchered with analysis.

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How wonderful would life be if everything were curated for us. So, instead of having to go hunting for fodder on love, dating, relationships, marriages and the markets they’re traded on, Shapely Gal will bring it directly into your inbox, every month.

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A lot of my followers are some of the most eligible single people in the world, and likely, they’re just the same amount of rational or irrational as you. When I run virtual events for singles (like this), my peeps are usually the first to know. So, be part of a community of people who share your interests in love, dating, relationships and marriages.