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This is a newsletter that discusses love, relationships, marriage and the markets they’re traded on. It’s a concoction of observations, theories, stories - some real, some not, ideas (mostly from the future) and sometimes, just rants about romance.

The name, Shapely Gal, is a play on the Nobel Prize winning economist David Gale and Lloyd Shapley, who proposed a mathematical solution to the “stable marriage” problem. Love as we know it is this abstract irrational ball of mush, but it takes a lot more than that to make it last. Sometimes, you have to butcher it with rationale, and that’s what I attempt to do here.

This is a bed where my thoughts, tired from swirling in my mind, come to rest. They lay quietly, sometimes intertwined with yours, in a safe loving embrace. But not always. No, there are times when we are strangers, shrivelled in indifference and unable to comprehend each other. And, it’s okay.

Who I am doesn't matter. You are you, and I am me. What matters are the words you read, and the thoughts they kindle. Sometimes, they reach you when you most need them, and that gives me the strength to keep writing.

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Shapely Gal

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